Week 14 – Cucumbers

Here’s what’s fresh this week:
-Baby lettuce mix
-Baby arugula
-Butter crunch lettuce
-Green leaf lettuce
-Red leaf lettuce
-French breakfast radishes
-Baby bok choi
-Green onions
-Rainbow chard
-Dino kale
-Edible calendula flowers
-Lemon cucumbers
-Patty pan summer squash
-Sungold tomatoes
-Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye (Heirloom) Tomatoes
-Arbason (red slicing) tomatoes
-Shishito peppers
-Basil plants
Other fun stuff:

-Frisky Girl Gardener’s hand soap

-Veggie greeting cards drawn by our friend Jennie Li
-Farmer’s choice flower bouquets (includes zinnias, sunflowers, dahlias, cosmos and/or marigolds)
Veggie of the Week: Cucumbers!
There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than with a cool, crunchy cucumber! We grow 2 varieties, marketmore (slicing) and lemon cucumbers. Lemon cucumbers are lemon in appearance more than in flavor, you can use them the same way you would slicing cucumbers.
Farmer Ellen’s Cucumber and Tomato Salad
-2 medium cucumbers (or 4 lemon cucumbers)
-2 heirloom tomatoes
-1 bunch green onions
-1 10oz container feta cheese
-10 basil leaves
-2tbsp olive oil
-2tbsp balsamic vinegar
-salt and pepper to taste
1. Slice cucumbers and tomatoes into bite sized pieces. Chop green onions and basil finely. Add to a bowl with the feta cheese. 
2. Pour olive oil and vinegar over top of the mixture and add salt and pepper. Mix gently. Serve immediately or allow to chill in the fridge for 1 hour to allow the flavors to mix.
See you at the farm stands this week!
Ellen and Ashley
Your City Grown Farmers



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