Squash planting time


The zucchini, yellow squash, and cucumbers are ready to be planted out this week.  Somehow, mid-May has snuck up on us already!

Squash planting, occurring as it does only once during the season, is a transitional moment to be savored.  The planting out of warm-weather, single-planting crops like zucchini, beans (went in last week) and tomatoes (end of the month), means that spring is somehow already transitioning into summer and our Seattle heat wave should be starting to ramp up.

In the rush of spring seeding we’ve already gotten several successions of greens in the ground (arugula, braising mix, lettuce mix, spinach, bok choi, kale, broccoli…) and there will be more fall successions of those to come. But zucchini only gets planted once, and it’s going in tomorrow!  The days have gotten long enough and sunny enough, and the nights have lost that spring chill for the most part.

We never know, of course, what the rest of the season’s weather will bring.  But the plants have sized up nicely and they are ready for real soil to spread their roots out into.  We hope that these little starts will soon grow into bulky, vining plants, then provide us with orange blossoms and green and yellow fruits.  As surely as tomatoes and peppers, these succulent squash are indicators of summer eating and can be savored in countless delicious ways.

These thoughts of things to come will be in our minds tomorrow as we plant out these summer squashes at our south Ballard plot and the cucumbers at our North Beach space.    And as for the other indicator that the veggie season is upon us:  Farmers’ market begins in 2 weeks on Weds May 29!!   Farmstand begins Saturday, June 1!  We are so looking forward to another locally grown season.

Peas and lovage,

City Grown