Land search 2013

Dear Neighbor,

We, at your neighborhood urban farm, are seeking new spaces to grow food! We grow vegetables for sale at several plots around our neighborhood, and we are looking for new underutilized spaces to expand our farm this spring.  This land may be an unusually large backyard, space at a church, school, community center, or any other piece of land that is in a sunny and accessible location.  

By sharing your land with us, you will enjoy the benefits of partnering with us.  Our land partners get a share of the fresh vegetables we produce during the growing season.  Our partnership allows you to watch the garden grow without any obligation at maintaining this garden area.  We have developed a good relationship with our existing Land Partners and look forward to making more of these connections as they are vital to our success in creating and sustaining our neighborhood farm.

Please contact if you have a land lead for us!

Check out our website for more information about what we do:

Thank you for supporting your neighborhood farm!
—  Becky, Noe and Scott

Plot Requirements

  • Proximity to one of our existing hubs
    • Wallingford at 40th St. and Eastern Ave
    • Ballard at 60th St. and 17th Ave
    • Tangletown
    • Crown Hill at 14th Ave and Holman Rd
  • Large size (2000 square feet or larger)
  • Good sun exposure
  • Access to water


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