First garlic harvest today!

This ain’t no grocery store garlic, folks!  These lovely bulbs came out of the ground at one of our Tangletown plots today.   You really have to plan ahead to grow garlic; we planted this crop way back in October 2011.   We got our seed garlic from Betsey Wittick of Laughing Crow Farm on Bainbridge Island.  We are growing 5 different varieties, each with differing spiciness, storability, and best usages.   The first variety ready for harvest is called “French Pink,” and it has a sultry reddish undertone with big cloves.    These beauties will need a couple of weeks to cure and then we will start to make them available for sale at our market and farmstand.

We are excited to add these unique, heirloom varieties of garlic to our regular lineup of delicious veggies for sale.   This week the summer crops are starting to add themselves to the spring mix.  This Saturday at the farmstand we will have:

Zucchini! (new this week), red summer crisp lettuce, broccolini, romanesco cauliflower, baby beets, orange & purple carrots, bunching onions, baby salad greens, collards, rainbow chard, garlic scapes, french breakfast radishes, dino kale, red russian kale, purple top turnips, & mustard greens!


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