The state of the farm: Transformations realized

First harvests this week.  Time to think back on where we began back in December.  The most magical transformation happened with this plot in Wallingford:

Above: volunteers helped us haul out debris from this overgrown backyard.  Below: Noe pulling ivy & blackberries

Three months later, this backyard is growing City Grown’s first and second succession of salad mix:

Above: spinach, radishes, arugula, lettuce mix, and spicy mix a couple weeks after germinating.  More seed babies just planted under the row cover.  Below: Noe harvesting salad to be bagged up for our first farmstand.

It feels so good to see our vision starting to come to life!


As we start gearing up for harvesting and selling these crops, we want to take a moment and say, we are so thankful for our CSA members!  These fine folks took a leap of faith with us by giving us their money in the early spring!  We would not have been able to get the farm off the ground without this financial boost.  We are excited to finally starting to be able to fulfill our promise of delicous, ultra-local veggies for our CSA members’ tables.

Here’s a CSA member profile.  Paul B. has been an amazing friend to the farm – not only did he contribute his membership money, he came out and volunteered this winter and helped us prepare the ground for planting.  Here’s Paul on the rototiller back in early March:

Paul showed up at our work parties on his bike with saddlebags full of vegetables from his own garden and his homebrew cider that he shared with us.  What a guy!  Stop giving us so much, Paul — we’re supposed to be providing *you* with something!  Finally, this past weekend we were able to begin to fulfill our promise of a vegetable return on Paul’s investment.  Here’s Paul at our first farmstand.  We had a CSA-members-only preview day before opening up the farmstand to the public.

Starting June 2, our farmstand will be open at 4108 Eastern Ave, every Saturday from 10 to 2.  We will also be at the Wallingford farmers’ market on Wednesdays from3:30 to 7pm.  Join Paul and stop on by!


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