The state of the farm: Sprouting

A greenhouse bursting at the seams with tomato starts; potato plants starting to push their thick leathery leaves out of the ground; peavines 6 inches tall.

Remember the winter hours spent manhandling a rototiller over hard ground newly denuded of sod?  All that time spent lugging buckets of compost up and down stairs?  It’s starting to pay off.   The first hardy soldiers of a new season’s worth of vegetables are springing to life out in the plots.   Seeing green shoots emerge from that soil and recognizing them as radishes, carrots, spinach, arugula — this is what it’s all about.

The first stalwart transplants are also making their way out of the greenhouse and into the beds we prepped at Crown Hill Center.  The seeds we planted 4 weeks ago became graceful seedlings, with a single pair of leaves, ready for real soil and real rain and to begin really photosynthesizing and magically becoming the productive broccoli, kale, collards, chard, and parsley plants that we imagined they’d be when we planted them.

In August, when we are busier than busy with harvests and sales and feasting, we might forget that each of these plants has a history.  Each required care and nurturing to get it from seed to seedling to food-producer.  But right now, in mid-April, the wonderment of a sprouting seed is front and center.



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